About Peaches



Peaches Olson is my inspiration!


Peaches lost her battle to cancer in October 2018. Peaches was an artist, mother, wife, sister, friend, cancer survivor, community supporter, and philanthropist. She was passionate about educating and creating resources supportive to those touched by cancer. Her passion was supporting art for a cause.


Inspired by her mother and watercolor art at a young age. Peaches developed her own style of imaginative and whimsical folk art to inspire the young and young at heart. Her paintings have been featured in many charity fundraising events as well as private and corporate art collections. 


Peaches was also inspired by her daughter Tara who has survived a traumatic brain injury. “Tara’s fearless nature and passion for life, family, and friends paves a path that everyone should always aspire to travel.”


Peaches Olson was a ginormous supporter of kids4kures.org.

Everyone who knew her was truly fortunate! 

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